Hitachi MGRM Net

Hitachi MGRM Net offers domain expert applications, solutions and services to public and private sectors in India. It also markets and implements the state of the art e-Governance Systems licensed by its parent company MGRM Inc, USA. The myriad of research data and analysis on governance systems across the globe enriches our solutions to be complete and most relevant in across multiple domains such as Education, Health care, Pharmaceutical etc.

Delivery Model

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Hitachi MGRM Net Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are service models for accessing, monitoring, and managing remote data center...

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Software as a Service (SaaS)


Hitachi MGRM Net’s Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model can facilitate replacing existing traditional on-device software...

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Hitachi MGRM Net Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a framework upon which developers can build or customize applications...

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Our Products

What is M-Star™

M-Star™ is an Education E-governance Expert System with focus on the requirements of individual users of the system and addresses each of them in a personalized manner, specific to their needs.It acts as the ECG (electro cardiogram) of an educational system, by providing the right direction at the right time to an individual.

Objectives of M-Star™

  • To facilitate and provide standard educational governance system that ensures uniform teaching, standard reporting and effective management
  • To integrate all the users (students, teachers, parents, management, alumni) striving to make an individual a complete personality.

M-Star™ promotes educational and economic viability in Institutions using research, analytics and groundbreaking technology.

M-Star™ Features

Stakeholder Benefits


  • Availability of comprehensive records of student participations, performances, interests, extra-curricular..
  • Facilitates to match individual student skills with available job opportunities on line in the placement cell
  • Eliminates need to visit multiple departments, allows to apply for college admission on-line
  • Uniform teaching system addresses the academic problem areas creating a disciplined work pattern
  • On line access to timetable, substitution duties and faster allocation of resources creates a sense of empowerment
  • Complete automation of student attendance and result calculation improves communication with students
  • Achieves the vision of a united campus as a result of Standardized processes and unified workflows
  • Accomplishes high number of admissions due to global presence, greater visibility and recognition
  • Attains greater control over the daily activities, facilitates global & local compliance leading to industry accolades
  • Receives direct and most updated information from the institution on their wards that helps take corrective actions
  • Parent community network allows interacting and sharing best practices on effectively..
  • Parents are always on top of their child’s progress and this reduces stress and improves their relation with School community


Hitachi MGRM Net partners and provides its proprietary e-Governance solutions to several Government and Private Organizations. Hitachi MGRM Net is today recognized / empanelled with various National / State level agencies. Empanelment may cover

  • Ready to use Products
  • Solution Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Consultancy Services

We are empanelled with

TCIL“Hitachi MGRM Net Ltd. is proud to be empanelled as a ‘Managed Valued Added Services Provider’ with TCIL for Education & Infotainment Products & Services.”

RailTel“Hitachi MGRM Net Ltd. is privileged of being empanelled as a Business Partner with RAILTEL Corporation of India Limited specializing in Education & Software / Application Development"

BSNL“Hitachi MGRM Net Ltd. is empanelled as a ‘Circle SI’ with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited at Jharkhand Telecom Circle”

CDAC“Hitachi MGRM Net is happy to be empanelled as a Teaming Partner with CDAC Noida – Category II, PAN India till 05-02-2023”

CEL“Hitachi MGRM Net is empanelled as a Managed Value Added Service Provider to collaborate with CEL for Implementation of Innovative Value Added Services like Internet of Things (loT) which will add value to CEL”


Leadership team of Hitachi MGRM Net comprises of individuals with operational excellence, proven ability and potential to render business decisions in line with the organizational objectives. They bring rich experience and industry valued certifications to the table listing PMP, Six Sigma, Lead Auditors and Assessors, Software Quality Assurance, Certified Psychometric Analyst, IRCA and MSCP among others.

The Leadership Team has a long track record of operational excellence and proven ability to render business decisions in line with the vision “Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race”, the mission “To make an individual, a Complete Personality” and the hope “May God Rehabilitate Mankind”.

In fostering our work culture, each member of the Hitachi MGRM Net family is highly committed to the company’s core values: Sincere, Sustained Hard work.